1. A woman attacked by Chimpanzee


The first impression that I had when I read this news is human is the weakest presence in nature. In this case, is life better than death? If I were her family or friends, I would say life is much better so that such a rude and stupid question cannot be asked. However, if I were her, Charla Nash, would life be really better than death? After losing her previous beautiful face, living with that terribly ruined and distorted face is…just unimaginable. She is such a strong person so that she doesn’t seem to abandon her life that easily– what a relief. However, her news has shaken my belief that the worst life is better than the best death. Well…I don’t know.

2. The cardinal Stephen Soo Hwan Kim died


He was one of people closest to God. His entire life was for others, he didn’t live life for his own. I bet there wouldn’t be a sacred man like him. He respected everything that has life and free from all greed and desire. When I heard the news he died, I felt that a great star has fallen. Before death, he said he was afraid of dying. At that moment, I thought the great cardinal looks like a normal, ordinary person. Even a person who lived at God’s side was afraid of dying… Humans eventually cannot know what God has in his mind. That is a human being.

3. Mine disaster


“We cannot bring back the men we lost. What we can do, in their memory, is thoroughly investigate this tragedy and demand accountability.”

This is the very reason why we have fear of death. Dead people cannot be brought back. We can’t see them anymore even though we miss them to death. People alive, left behind have not much to do for them. As stated in the article, investigating the tragedy and demanding accountability are a part of them. However, I personally think remembering and missing them as long as we can is the best thing for the dead.