I chose to deal with death, a sensitive subject because I think there is no subject like death to include all the things in this class, “Reality Check.” Death is reality itself. What a strong word that makes humans be keenly aware of reality.

To mention an ideal situation for my final project, I would like to install my work in a room of white; white wall, white ceiling, and white ground. And I would string 50-60 white paper dolls with red thread and hang each of them so it can be dangling from the ceiling. I want to emphasize contrast of colors– red an white. In addition to that, I will put lighters on a pedestol and have name tags on each. For the matter of light, I plan to buy christmas tree light and coil it around the pedestol or put it on the wall. I will let the audience burn each of hanging paper dolls to make them feel what an instance life fades away and turns into a pile of ashes.